Friday, July 1, 2011

it's hard

I seem to keep being pulled back to eating things I would really prefer not to eat.  I think preparing all of our food is time consuming and I need to have a life.  I am sure that once I get used to it all I can make a plan that will streamline my time in the kitchen (I hope).  So today I have decided that I need to make only one change per week.  That gives me a whole week to incorporate it into my schedule.  Maybe then I won't feel so overwhelmed?  I am great for a day or two, cooking and baking up a storm.  Then I a feel like I just need a break and don't want to look at the kitchen for a day or two.  It never ends well.

In the Word of Wisdom we learn that we should eat "every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof."  We should eat meat sparingly.  "Grain is good for the food of man", it "is ordained for the use of man", "to be the staff of life."
Based on this, here are the changes I would like to make.Eliminate all refined foods.
Eat more vegetables.
Eat more fruit.
Eat less meat.
Eat sourdough bread.
Eat all grains either soaked or sourdough based.
Use only natural sweetener- honey, maple syrup, and rapadura/sucanat.
Give up candy!!!!

I have started making my own breads and crackers from whole grains, but sometimes I get lazy or I will eat refined grains if it is being served.  Pasta is one of the things I am not so sure about.  I am not into whole wheat, and would much prefer to use whole spelt.  I need to delve into making my own pasta.

I have switched over to rapadura and honey, but have yet to make anything with maple syrup.  I would like to start using honey in more recipes instead of rapadura as well.

I have begun taking the kids to the store and let them pick fruits to buy.  They enjoy it and I know they will eat what we get.  I am trying to stick with organic fruit when it comes to apples, peaches, and grapes.  I don't buy berries or cherries often, but would like to buy organic as well with these.

I bought some kale and chard this week.  I am going to try kale chips.  They are supposedly delicious, but I just don't know.  I love kale, but it just seems a bit strange.  I will let you know how they are.  I guess I should be buying organic greens instead, but I guess anything is better than nothing.  I should carry a "Buy Only Organic" card so I can remember what foods contain the most chemicals if not organic.  I have switched to only buying organic potatoes.  As far as organic goes, I am starting with the "dirty dozen."  I have to make sure I can fit all of this into my grocery budget, after all!

I don't eat a whole lot of meat- at least, not compared to most of the people I know.  I don't eat it every day.  When I do eat it, it most often is in small amounts.  Occasionally I will eat a lot at one sitting.  I am sure that I could eat it even less than I do now.  I am aiming for one serving of meat no more than 1-2 times per week- and by serving I mean 3-4 ounces.  I try not to eat chicken.  I don't eat pork (we all get sick every time we have eaten it).  The meat we buy is grass fed or free range, hormone free, roaming the land!

This week's change:  I will not eat any refined grains.  If I don't make it, I will just have to skip it!  Okay, so there might be some grain products that are already made that I could eat.  I've had really great whole grain bread with no fillers, but at $6.00 a loaf I am much better off making it myself.  It doesn't take that much effort!

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