Monday, May 23, 2011

it starts today

As part of my "get healthy" program that started today, I am following part of the protocol at Herbal Legacy for systemic yeast overgrowth.  I am taking two days to kill of the yeast and then I will start on my new whole foods diet.  The two days are the first procedure listed in the protocol.  It calls for a decoction made of Pau d'Arco and black walnut hulls simmered in water, drinking a quart per day, while eating only vegetables, nuts and sprouted legumes.  I attempted to do to the entire protocol about a month ago, but I couldn't handle going that long with only vegetables.  So I have devised a program that I think I can live with and will still benefit my health.  After these first two days, I will be eating a strictly whole foods diet while taking herb formulas I found at  I plan to incorporate most of the formulas on her website along with probiotics and a glass of kefir every morning. 

Now I'm off to go eat more veggies.  They only seem to keep me full for about an hour!  Its a good thing it is only for 2 days!

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