Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I survived!

Okay, so maybe that sounds a bit dramatic.  I did survive my two days though.  I ate lots of green beans with onions.  Cooked in butter.  I had a baked potato for dinner on Monday night.  With butter and salt- no sour cream, which I love.  I was still starving though, so I bought some peanut butter.  The ingredients in the peanut butter were butter and salt.  I ate that whole jar of peanut butter in just 24 hours.  I didn't really want to eat just a handful of nuts, so peanut butter was nice.  I could dip veggies (just celery really) in it, or eat it with a spoon strait out of the jar.  I did want some Oreos on Monday, but I just told myself it was only two days and pressed on.  Tuesday I was just fine.  I didn't have any sugar cravings at all.  Normally, I can't go even a day without massive sugar cravings.  This is how I knew the Pau d'Arco was working.

So today starts my whole foods journey.  I have been eating plenty of whole foods my whole life.  The difference now is that I will be eating ONLY whole foods for at least a month.  After the month of detox (as I like to call it) I won't be serving any processed foods, but if I am at someone's house and they serve me something I will eat it.  I talked with the kids about it yesterday.  We talked about what a whole food is versus processed food.  They were very upset that I won't be buy Oreos anymore.  Alona asked in a very sad voice, "what will we have for desserts, then?"  I assured her that we could have ice cream made from raw milk and cream using honey, cookies using sucanat or rapadura, cake, brownies, etc. but that it would all be made from scratch at home using real ingredients.  I then told them that when they are at someone else' house they can eat whatever they are serving.  If they are given Oreos, they can eat them!  They felt much better after I told them this.  I figure if I am feeding them good, nourishing food at home every day then occasional not so good food won't be so bad. Right?

Hamburgers are on the menu tonight, so I ground some spelt flour in my wheat grinder for buns and pulled some grass fed beef out of the freezer.  Now I just have to figure out how to make healthier ketchup.  You know, without corn syrup.  Hmm...

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