Monday, September 12, 2011

snack time

The kids are back in school.  We are finally returning to a schedule.  Things are finally settling down- August is a crazy month for us normally due to several birthdays, school starting, and then end of summer fun we must do.  This August was even more crazy, with two weddings to attend on top of all that.  So I am grateful for the way things have settled down this month.  My two oldest have the late lunch this year, which means a snack is a must for them.  My little (or not so little anymore) kindergartener has snacks provided, but I can send her with a snack instead if I would prefer.  So  I scoured the internet looking for healthy snack ideas.  Nothing all that new and innovative stuck out.  So I asked the kids what they like.  So far, carrot sticks is a favorite.  Now we haven't been eating a lot of carrots at our house in general.  I don't buy baby carrots anymore because of how they are processed.  I don't think they taste as good either.  So I tried buying whole carrots and then peeling and cutting for the kids to eat as snacks.  I was too lazy and never did it.  Because my 5th grader insisted that she wanted carrots this year, I went ahead and bought several pounds of whole carrots.  My husband peels them in the morning and then breaks them in half.  Sometimes I will peel and then cut into smaller sticks, but my kids don't seem to mind the way Jeff makes them.  (Yes, my husband makes the lunches and snacks most mornings- I'm so lucky!) 
My 3rd grader  really likes "ant on a log."  Of course, we don't know where our raisins went, so she's just been getting logs.  Peanut butter and celery.  Ah, the simplicity of it. 
Another thing I have made is popcorn.  I can pop it in my hot air popper the night before.  I have tossed it with some melted almond bark for a real treat (but I try to do a very light coating as it really isn't that healthy).  It can be served plain, with some salt, butter, or other seasonings (crumbled kale chips is supposed to be good, shaved dark chocolate is another). 
Apples are another great snack.  Cut them up and then put a rubber band around the whole thing (including the core) to keep it together and avoid oxidation.  You can add a little peanut butter mixed with honey for dipping (or without the honey if you prefer). 
I will probably be making some home made graham crackers to send as a snack eventually as well.  I have made them a few times, an they are loved!  (I use freshly ground whole spelt instead of wheat, as with all my recipes.)
Nuts are another great snack.  I'm thinking a trail mix would be a great way for them to eat these.  I'm thinking I will take the kids with me to pick out the ingredients and have them help make it.  They seem to eat things more readily when they are involved in picking it out.
I bought some ice packs for their lunches, so this year I might be able to send yogurt as a snack as well.  I would love to get a yogurt maker.  I know you can make it without, but I like the ease of it.  I NEED more appliances in my kitchen! hahaha

What kind of healthy snacks do your kids like?

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